This is a living list of frequently asked questions about the FlexFAX/HylaFAX fax software system. The point of this document is to circulate existing information, and to avoid rehashing old answers. Better to build on top than start again. Please read this document before posting to the HylaFAX mailing list.

The HylaFAX software and this FAQ were created by Sam Leffler. From November 1995 the FAQ was maintained by Matthias Apitz who signficantly expanded the material. Since January 1997, however, the FAQ has been dormant and as a result, become out of date, and some places, misleading. The process of updating the FAQ started in late 1999 on an irregular basis by the hylafax.org web team. Until this process is complete, it is advisable to check the information here by searching the mailing list archives.

Your comments, additions and fixes to the FAQ are welcome: please send them to faq@hylafax.org. You can also give feedback on specific questions through links provided on each individual page.
If you cannot find the information you need here or in the archives, please subscribe to the community mailing list and ask for help there. Further details are available at www.hylafax.org/mailing-lists.html.

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! Q001. What is HylaFAX?
o Q002. Why should I use HylaFAX instead of some other fax package?
o Q003. Which modems can be used with HylaFAX
! Q004. What machines does HylaFAX run on?
! Q005. What is the current version/status of HylaFAX?
+ Q006. What are the differences between v4.0pl0 and v4.0pl1
! Q007. Where can I get a binary/source distribution of HylaFAX?
! Q008. What documentation exist for HylaFAX?
! Q009. What other related software is available?
o Q010. What should I do if I have a problem?
! Q011. What version of HylaFAX do I have?
! Q012. How should I report bugs?
o Q013. How do subscribe to the HylaFAX mailing list?
+ Q014. Volunteers to do binary distributions wanted!
+ Q015. How is HylaFAX actually maintained?
+ Q016. Where are the HylaFAX mailing list archives now?
+ Q017. DELETED ~ HylaFAX Mailing List Archive is back
+ Q018. FAQ: Modem AT+Fxxx commands?
+ Q019. Can I run HylaFax on my NT 4.0 Server?
+ Q020. Spam in the Mailing List?
+ Q021. Experience of HylaFAX regarding sending 1000 faxes per day?
+ Q022. Is HylaFAX able to receive 100s of faxes per day?

o Q101. Problems compiling HylaFAX on SCO Unix?
o Q102. Why is faxq maxing out CPU?
o Q103. Building Hylafax For Unixware?
o Q104. SendPage - Parity options, where?
+ Q105. Building HylaFAX with LD_RUN_PATH
+ Q106. Re: calling last chance on bug fixes ?
+ Q107. adding the g++ include path?
+ Q108. Howto send fixes?
+ Q109. I seem to be missing file "new.h"?
+ Q110. Build error on Solaris 2.5 with -pedantic-errors ?
+ Q111. Compiling Hylafax v4.0beta018 under Sun Solaris with DSO ?
+ Q112. Problems with socket.h on AIX, ...?
+ Q113. Why CGI_BIN didn't get properly replaced?
+ Q114. Looking for /bin/test file?
+ Q115. Help with installation on Suse Linux

! Q201. How do I view received facsimile?
! Q202. How do I create a fax cover page template?
o Q203. How to do broadcasting faxes?
o Q204. Sendfax doesn't put the company name and location on my cover pages?
+ Q205. sendfax option -D not working?
o Q206. How do I keep private information off the cover page?
o Q207. How do I send WordPerfect files from a DOS machine?
o Q208. Document file is not valid TIFF ...?
! Q209. Faxing TIFF G4 images?
o Q210. textfmt - No Font Metric Information found ...
+ Q211. Howto set Email notification when done?
+ Q212. How to set fax receiver's name on the cover page?
+ Q213. Re: faxmail from hylafax Beta 18 ?
+ Q214. Re: Question concerning faxcover and the "-f"
+ Q215. How to send HTML files?
+ Q216. Problems with killtime of the job?
+ Q217. Simple Mail-to-fax gateway?
+ Q218. v4.0beta015 and fax broadcasting ?
+ Q219. Is there a table describing the one character codes used by faxstat?
+ Q220. Sending a few lines without cover page?
+ Q221. Howto use WinFlex ?
+ Q222. Can I run the old WinFlex with HylaFAX v4.x?
+ Q223. Winhfax client - format of phone book?
+ Q224. Problem connecting with MAc Client?
+ Q225. Connecting-Problem with whfc under Windows NT 4.0?
+ Q226. Cannot create phonebook in whfc?
+ Q227. Where to find mailfax.sh for sendmail?
+ Q228. Using the RelayFax Windows client
+ Q229. Where to set default notifying level for sendfax?
+ Q230. why does sendfax -a not schedule the fax correctly?

+ Q301. Service not available, remote server closed connection?
! Q302. How do I use modems connected to a Telebit NetBlazer?
! Q303. Do I have to restart a server after changing the modem config file?
o Q304. How do I make a prototype config file from a working config file?
o Q305. How do I change HylaFAX to use mailx instead of sendmail?
o Q306. [Dell SVR4] No trace logging under Dell SVR4?
o Q307. Problems sending a PostScript file
o Q308. Ghostscript-imaged fonts look funny?
o Q309. How do I get a line of text across the top of each outgoing page?
o Q310. [PC] Why can't I get HylaFAX to use RTS/CTS on a Digiboard port?
o Q311. [Sun] How do I get HylaFAX to use RTS/CTS on a Sun serial port?
o Q312. How do I force HylaFAX to set the tty device to mode 664?
o Q313. How do I get faxd to print everytime I receive a facsimile?
o Q314. No answer from remote (extending the connect time)?
o Q315. Help with etc/dialrules?
o Q316. How these dialrules work?
o Q317. Why have fax user?
o Q318. What is the purpose of putting '@' at the end of the dial string?
o Q319. How do I automatically add a 9 to the fax number?
o Q320. Area and Long Distance codes for UK users?
+ Q321. Should I use Class1 modems?
+ Q322. Howto Forward Incoming Faxes using E-mail?
+ Q323. NoCarrierRetrys, MaxDials or MaxTries variables...
+ Q324. How to config ModemClass / ModemGroup?
+ Q325. No regular expression for modem class?
+ Q326. Re: Logging in HylaFAX v4.0beta18 ?
+ Q327. RFC for Sam's funky new c/s protocol?
+ Q328. Is T.30 Sub-Addressing support in HylaFAX?
+ Q329. UnixWare 4.2 general permission scheme & HylaFAX v4.x
+ Q330.
+ Q331. Is there a way to re-init the modem after some time?
+ Q332. MultiTech ZDX2834 modems?
+ Q333. USRobotics Courier modem and class2.0 standard
+ Q334. What is adaptive answer?
+ Q335. Sending Very Large Files gives Job time limit exceeded?
+ Q336. Howto deinstalling HylaFAX
+ Q337. Re: BUG when device has name 'xxx_yy' ?
+ Q338. Re: Distinctive Ring Support ?
+ Q339. Re: Faxing from a PC?
+ Q340. Re: Files in /var/spool/hylafax/docq ?
+ Q341. Problem accessing fax services by clients?
+ Q342. How to set passwd for remote users ?
+ Q343. How do I get mgetty and ppp working with HylaFAX?
+ Q344. Errorstats.sh - summary of transmission errors
+ Q345. Amendment of faxcover postscript file?
+ Q346.
+ Q347. Howto restrict outbound usage in v4.0?
+ Q348. Howto re-use failed jobs from the docq?
+ Q349. Howto setting up the syslog daemon?
+ Q350. Howto distinguish which files have been received on which devices
+ Q351. UUCP locking in Solaris x86, ...
+ Q352. AT+FAP=? gives ERROR?
+ Q353. Fonts for HylaFAX?
+ Q354. Howto prevent modem data connection for security?
+ Q355. FIFO Permission problem with faxanswer?
+ Q356. Start faxserver if reboot?
+ Q357. I can't remove a job?
+ Q358. modem state for other programs?
+ Q359. Where to get "egetty" for FAXSETUP?
+ Q360. The truth about egetty/vgetty
+ Q361. Anyone done a faxback system?
+ Q362. faxgetty and ringback?
+ Q363. Waiting for modem to come available?
+ Q364. Answer based on distinctive ring?

o Q401. What does it mean to get CONNECT 19200 when I try to send a fax...?
o Q402. Encoding errors in facsimile received with my Everex 24/96E?
o Q403. Converting received facsimile with fax2ps generates warnings?
o Q404. What does +FHNG:2 mean?
o Q405. [SunOS 4.1.x] Getty aborts with Interrupted system call?
o Q406. What do I need to do to share a tty line between fax and data calls?
o Q407. How do I diagnose the following PostScript conversion problem?
o Q408. Why do my transmitted faxes appear squished at the receiver?
o Q409. Need help with phase error while receiving?
o Q410. Unrecognized Transparent data command (code 44)?
o Q411. Unspecified Transmit Phase C error (code 40)?
o Q412. Where I can get a list of all the error codes?
! Q413. Troubleshooting
o Q414. Can't send FAX from ZyXEL to some machines?
o Q415. faxaddmodem problems on Linux
o Q416. Certain faxmachines can't receive?
o Q417. [SunOS] Utmp/motd not updated on SunOS-4.1.3_U1?
o Q418. Unable to set session parameters on INDY
+ Q419. Courier V.everything - 2DMR encoding
+ Q420. Problems with FAA=1 ?
+ Q421. I couldn't find it anywhere howto specify the FAXSERVER
+ Q422. Problems with HylaFAX and incomming data call
+ Q423. Problem with BOCA MV.34E modems AT+FCLASS=?
+ Q424. I've problems with data inbound calls
+ Q425. I've access problems for files in the spooling area
+ Q426. Unable to set RT scheduling parameters ...
+ Q427. Retrain Negative problem with some modems
+ Q428. I have a problem with TSI in HylaFax
+ Q429. Winflex does not put COMMENTs on my cover page?
+ Q430. Problems sending PS from WinFlex in Win95 ?
+ Q431. Bad EOP response to blank page ?
+ Q432. Communication between WinFlex and HylaFAX
+ Q433. chown(2) problems in HylaFAX on SCO, HP-UX, ...
+ Q434. I got code50 during send operation?
+ Q435. Waiting for modem to come ready?
+ Q436. Do I _have_ to install BSD printf?
+ Q437. document conversion script was not found?
+ Q438. Faxgetty dies with signal 15?
+ Q439. faxgetty is spawning too rapidly?
+ Q440. Access problems in the spooling area?
+ Q441. Why are my tiff files corrupted?
+ Q442. Problems after Un-taring a binary distributions?
+ Q443. Bad exit status 0400 for "bin/faxrcvd ..."
+ Q444. Problems with TAP service provider?
+ Q445. [Linux:] can't load library 'libg++.so.27'
+ Q446. Waiting for modem to come ready?
+ Q447. Can I still run HylaFax without mawk?
+ Q448. Linux: hfaxd children dying with signal 11?
+ Q449. Rockwell chipset (Zoom modems)
+ Q450. Access denied...

+ Q501. The Sendpage Howto
+ Q502. SMS using UCP protocol?
+ Q503. Was is the idea behind SNPP?
+ Q504. Howto Numeric-only paging?
+ Q505. HylaFAX and Short Message Service in Germany?
+ Q506. Howto set 7-E-1 instead of N-8-1 for paging?
+ Q507. Sendpage and Mail?
+ Q508. Howto set pagerMaxMsgLength?
+ Q509. Where is the file pagermap?

+ Q601. Exim configuration for faxmail

+ Q701. How to print a watermark on the fax?
+ Q702. Received faxes are 50% height of original?
+ Q703. Problems while sending a PS document generated by Frame, word 7.0, ..?

+ Q801. Where can I get CCITT test patterns?
+ Q802. T.30 T2 timeout errors - where I can get more info on?
+ Q803. How can I tell if my modem supports 2D compression?

+ Q901. Re: Fax to Fax through Internet ?
+ Q902. PPP autodetection in faxgetty ?
+ Q903. Serial Port Scanner for Unix??
o Q904. A HylaFAX success story.
o Q905. Where did FlexFAX/HylaFAX come from (and other comments)?
+ Q906. Year 2000 compliance of HylaFAX?
o Q907. HylaFAX Use and Copyright