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Site Search

Search the documents at this site, including the FAQ.

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The Mailing List Archives search facility is available on a separate page.

Simply enter the word or words (sorry not numbers) you are trying to find and press the Search button.
The search engine first employs an endings algorithm so that, for example, a word like "person" is expanded into "person or persons". The results are then generated and ranked with documents with a highest score at the top of the list. Rankings are determined by the number of search words in the document and their importance - for instance, words in the title of a document have a higher importance than words at the bottom of the document.

The default matching is for All words, for instance, given 'Redhat Zoom', the search engine will score documents with 'Redhat' and 'Zoom' (case insensitive) highly; however, if you are interested in either word equally - 'Redhat' or 'Zoom' - select the Any words option.

The results are formatted in a simple Short listing, or the default Long listing which also provides an excerpt of the document where the search word has been found.


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