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HylaFAX 6.0.2 release

The HylaFAX development team is pleased to announce the maintenance release
of 6.0.2.  This release is available from our ftp site

        2ab173a3bd50c8ca68d2c84f6e416d52  hylafax-6.0.2.tar.gz
        38dfeffd6d8070382033020f78595b0253e02b30  hylafax-6.0.2.tar.gz

This release is a maintenance release, and does not contain any new
features or functionality, but only bugfixes:
        * distrules: Add rpm patches
        * RPM spec:  Don't try and force all client programs to $BIN
        * Socket.h:  OpenBSD portability
        * FaxClient: Apparently <modem>@ is used and common
        * Have RPM patched faxsetup check for the right -server package
          name to detect server installation.
        * Socket fixes for BSD 4.4 sockets

All users running a version of 6.0 are encouraged to update to this 

Users of older releases should carefully read the release notes, and 
consider upgrading.

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