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Get Involved

Help make HylaFAX the best it can be by contributing back to the project. No matter your level of technical experience there is a way you can help. Please consider contributing back by participating in one (or all) of the following efforts:

Mailing Lists

By subscribing to and participating in the HylaFAX-users mailing list you can help foster a lively user community. Many users of HylaFAX found the answers to their problems on the list and its archives; please consider passing some of your knowledge back to the community.

Documentation Project

With the launch of the new website, we are attempting to consolidate and update the HylaFAX documentation. The documentation is now in wiki format so that any HylaFAX user can edit or add to it. Visit the Documentation section of to begin helping with this important task.

Reporting Bugs

Faithful to our open-source bias, HylaFAX bugs are tracked using Bugzilla, a product of the Mozilla Project. Please do your best to make sure you've really found a bug, and then file it on the HylaFAX Bugzilla, located at To confirm a bug one should first check the mailing list archives for other reports of this issue (and possible resolution) and then post to the developers mailing list (described above). Security-related bugs should be reported to in order to avoid exploitation of the problem before it can be publicly resolved.

Join Development Team

The HylaFAX developer community is always looking for new recruits. Don't be scared, you're welcome to lurk until you feel comfortable! If you're looking to become involved on any level, you should definitely subscribe to to the hylafax developers mailing list.

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