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HylaFAX 4.4.4 release

The HylaFAX development team is pleased to announce the first release
candidate of the next maintenance release.  This release is
available from our ftp site

        4beb3d438ca6c4f00f1d94f9643e6668  hylafax-4.4.4.tar.gz
        6a866765e48c4c851b4fdc45c7145d0bf18b2143 hylafax-4.4.4.tar.gz

This release is a maintenance release, and does not contain any new
features or functionality, but only one bugfix:
        * faxq: Don't allow pending jobs with future TTS to block
          current jobs

All users running a version of 4.4 are encouraged to update to this 

Users of older releases should carefully read the release notes, and 
consider upgrading.

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