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HylaFAX The world's most advanced open source fax server Announcement

From: Darren Nickerson
Date: Tues, Nov 24 1998 12:00 am
Email: "Darren Nickerson" <>
Groups: fa.hylafax


I'm pleased to say that several "old-timers" within the HylaFAX community have banded together to create and maintain a central site for all things HylaFAX-ish. Please see:

Associated with the WWW site is an updated ftp repository (, and coming attractions will include links to contributed software (uploads to are encouraged), current patches, and eventually, searchable mailing list archives.

Due to the disk-intensive nature of the ftp repository and any archiving we might do, we would welcome the donation of an external SCSI disk or two. Internet connectivity is being provided to by VirtuALL Private Host Services (, but the hardware is presently off our own backs. If your company has benefited from HylaFAX in the past and you'd like to put something of value back into the community, please get in touch by e-mail.

Finally, I'd like to thank Robert Colquhoun for his tireless work in cobbling together and adapting most of the preexisting pages to the new site. Several people will be contributing to the pages as we grow but the initial design is his! ;-)

Constructive comments and suggestions welcomed!


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