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Hardware Compatibility List

Unless otherwise noted these fax devices are fully compatible and recommended for use with HylaFAX.

Analog Modems

  • MultiTech MultiModemDID
  • MultiTech MultiModemZBA

Note: The MT9234ZBA USB modem may require a firmware update. MultiTech Tech Support is aware of the problem and will update the modem and ship it back. The MT9234ZBA-USB-CDC-XR does not have this problem.

  • Conexant V.92 External Data/FAX Modem
    • Longshine LCS-8156C1, 56K Fax Modem, USB, V.92
  • Rockwell 56000 V.90 Data Fax (Best Data External Modem For Mac/Windows)
  • Acorp Sprinter@56K Ext
  • Elsa/Devolo MicroLink 56k pro (use fax class 2.1)
  • U.S.Robotics 56K FaxModem (NO USR-5630G)
  • U.S.Robotics Courier Everything
  • U.S.Robotics Courier 56k Business Modem V.92
  • ZyXEL omni 56 (com series)
  • Olitec Self Memory “2000”
  • Hamlet Skuba (HV92XCA)

Analog Fax Boards

Digital Fax Boards


Third Party Supported Hardware

Note: please also see this more comprehensive list:

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