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Handbook:Basic Server Configuration:Periodic Maintenance

HylaFAX comes with two programs that need to be run periodically on the server machine: faxqclean(1M) and faxcron(1M).

The faxqclean program is responsible for removing old document and job description files from the spooling area on a server. These files are created when outbound jobs are created but are removed in a delayed fashion to permit clients to resubmit jobs without retransmitting all the information to the server and to allow imaged documents to be reused in unrelated facsimile transmissions. faxqclean is also responsible for archiving outbound jobs that have completed.

faxqclean must be run by the super-user. A sample entry for the cron program that runs faxqclean once each hour might be:

0 * * * * /usr/local/sbin/faxqclean 

The second program that should be routinely run on each server machine is faxcron. This is a script that does maintenance such as truncating log files and purging old session logs and received facsimile. faxcron needs to be run by the fax user once a day or so and it is a good idea to capture its output since it includes information about failed phone calls that might warrant investigation. A sample cron entry to run faxcron might be:

25 23 * * * /usr/local/sbin/faxcron | mail FaxMaster

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