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Handbook:Basic Server Configuration:Introduction

HylaFAX is composed of client and server applications. Client applications are programs that normal users invoke to send facsimile, query the status of facsimile servers, etc. Server applications are programs that reside only on the machine where the fax modems are present. HylaFAX is distributed so that the normal make install step done after the software is built will install both client and server applications. Client-only systems require a slightly different procedure that is discussed in the next chapter on Client Setup. This chapter discusses setting up a server machine for use.

A system acting as a HylaFAX server usually runs at least two server processes: the HylaFAX scheduler process faxq and the client-server protocol process hfaxd. Server systems may also use the HylaFAX front-door process faxgetty to monitor each modem on the system and possibly receive incoming facsimile calls. A send-only system would run faxq and hfaxd but possibly not faxgetty (although running faxgetty is still encouraged). A system that was not going to use the transmit capabilities would not run faxq.

In addition to the server processes that operate all the time HylaFAX comes with two programs that are intended to be run periodically. The faxqclean program is responsible for purging unwanted files from the spooling area on a server and the faxcron script monitors the spooling area and performs routine maintenance tasks such as truncating log files. These programs are usually invoked by the system cron program.

The remainder of this chapter discusses the basic steps required to setup a HylaFAX server.

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