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Handbook:Alpha-numeric pager support:Setting up SNPP

sendpage normally tries to contact an hfaxd server process at port 444 on a HylaFAX server machine. To enable this service hfaxd must be started with a -s option when run standalone or with a -S option when started by the inetd process. For example, as a standalone server hfaxd might be started by:

hyla# /usr/local/sbin/hfaxd -i hylafax -o 4557 -s 444

to enable service for the HylaFAX client-server protocol (at the port associated with the symbolic name "hylafax"), the old client-server protocol at the default port (4557), and SNPP at the official port (444).

One of the tasks that hfaxd does in implementing SNPP is to map client-specified Pager Identifier Numbers (PINs) to a dialstring to use in contacting the service provider. This work is done using rules specified in a pagermap(4F) file. For example, the following pagermap file would accept only PINs with a leading "Sky" followed by a number and pass the number through as the PIN:

^Sky([0-9]+)$   1800SkyTel/\1
.*              reject

Note that this mapping functionality can also be used to define aliases; e.g.

^sam$           1800SkyTel/1234567

The default pagermap filename is etc/pagermap (relative to the root of the HylaFAX spooling area).

If hfaxd does not have a pagermap file then it will reject all requests to submit pager messages.

Each page request received by hfaxd causes a job to be submitted to the HylaFAX scheduler process. The scheduling parameters for these jobs are defined by the service level specified with the SNPP LEVE request (typically through the -l option to sendpage). hfaxd uses the service level to set a job's scheduling priority, expiration time, and the time to delay in between retrying calls to the service provider based on three maps that can be specified with hfaxd configuration parameters. The parameters are: PriorityMap, KillTimeMap, and RetryTimeMap, respectively. Consult the hfaxd(1M) manual page for complete information on these parameters.

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