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Handbook:Alpha-numeric pager support:Setting up Pagesend

There are several configuration parameters associated with the IXO/TAP and UCP support. The most important parameters are PagerSetupCmds and PagingProtocol.

The PagerSetupCmds defines a set of commands to send to the modem to configure it for a call to the pager service provider. This command should usually be defined to constrain the modem to connect at 1200 baud using V.22 (and no error correction protocol). This parameter can be specfied in the hylafax-config(4F) file and may be overwritten in the hylafax-info(4F) file to match the service provider's modem configuration.

The PagingProtocol can be set in the hylafax-info(4F) file to define the used protocol; it defaults to "ixo" (see below).

Other configuration parameters exist to control esoteric aspects of the IXO protocol implementation and should not need to be changed; consult hylafax-config(4F) for full details.

Besides the configuration parameters described above, other pager-related information that may need to be setup is information in the hylafax-info(4F) database to constrain the maximum length of an alpha-numeric pager message, any password string that must be sent to the service provider during the initial login sequence, and any non-standard parity setting to use in communication. For example,

&pagerMaxMsgLength:     112
&pagerPassword:         "foobar"
&pagerTTYParity:        none 

The pagerTTYParity setting is not needed if the service provider correctly implements the IXO/TAP protocol. Some providers however do not use the standard 7-bits of data with even parity that is specified and it is necessary to specify either "none" for 8-bits of data and no parity or "odd" for 7-bits of data and odd parity.

UCP paging support was added in version 4.0pl2. This is a new paging protocol originating from the european Hermes project, it was first applied to deliver GSM short messages (SMS). It can send longer pages then IXO can, and has some other nice features, but has a very strange character encoding. To accomodate UCP, two new pager parameters have bin added to the hylafax-info(4F) database together with support to overwrite the PagerSetupCmds defined in hylafax-config(4F):

&pagingProtocol:       "ucp"
&pageSource:           "4989xxxxxxxx"
&pagerSetupCmds:       "AT&N0&K4" 

The pagingProtocol parameter has "ixo" as its default value, for compatibility with previous versions of HylaFAX. The pageSource parameter can be used to tell the paging central who we are. You may want to put a SMS answerable number here. Note: This parameter should be replaced by a user-land parameter in sendpage(1) for which the SNPP must be changed. The pagerSetupCmds parameter shown works for the german GSM provider D2 and a ZyXEL 1496 modem. Consult your modem manual and the provider for the settings you have to use.

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