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Handbook:Advanced Server Configuration:Tagline(s)

HylaFAX includes support for tag lines; a line of text imaged at the top of each outgoing facsimile page. Tag lines imaging requires the specification of:

  • a format string,
  • the name of a file containing an uncompressed Portable Compiled Font (PCF) from the X11 Window System, and
  • the host bit order.

When tag lines are enabled the fax server will image a line of text across the top of each outgoing facsimile page using the specified tag line format string and font. This procedure is done on-the-fly, just like a fax machine does it. However, because the fax server has lots of information about the outbound facsimile job, the imaged tag line may be setup to display a variety of information.

A 100 dpi 18point Lucida Typewriter font from the X Window System is included in the HylaFAX distribution for use in imaging tag lines. Experiments indicate this is a reasonable font to use. You can however use an alternate font of your liking.

On Silicon Graphics systems a tag line font can be installed by converting one of the compressed font files provided with the standard X server; e.g.

% zcat /usr/lib/X11/fonts/lutRS18.pcf.Z > /var/spool/hylafax/etc/lutRS18.pcf 

To enable use of the font and imaging of the tag lines setup the TagLineFont configuration parameter:

TagLineFont: etc/lutRS18.pcf

If font files are stored on your system in an uncompressed format then you can reference the file directly using an absolute pathname. Relative pathnames must be specified with respect to the top of the spooling area. If the TagLineFont parameter references a non-existent file or a file that does not contain a valid PCF font then tag line support will be disabled and a message will be logged through syslog.

The default tag line format string is

From %%n|%c|Page %%p of %%t"

which prints three fields containing the phone number of the server, the date and time of the outgoing job, and the page number and total pages for the job. Consult the TagLineFormat parameter description in hylafax-config(4F) for information on configuring a different format string.

The tagtest(1M) program may be used to try out different tag line formats and fonts before they are configured for use by the server.

Finally, be certain the host bit order is configured to reflect the order of bits on your machine. The host bit order should be properly setup at the time the configure script is run. If the server has the wrong host bit order then tag lines will be imaged incorrectly.

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