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Handbook:Advanced Server Configuration:Continuation Cover Pages

A continuation cover page is a cover page automatically generated by HylaFAX when retransmitting an outbound job after a protocol error abnormally terminated a previous transmission. This cover page is only generated when a user-submitted cover page has already been transmitted; it is intended to identify the sending system and provide information about why the retransmit is being done. HylaFAX generates the cover page using the parameters supplied when the job was submitted. In addition it provides a comments section that identifies the transmission as a continuation of a previous job and describes why the previous attempt to transmit failed (this may be useful to the receiver).

By default HylaFAX does not enable continuation cover pages. To enable use of this feature the ContCoverPage configuration parameter must be set to the pathname of a cover sheet template file to use in generating continuation cover pages. This cover page template file is passed to the mkcover(1M) script, or to the program specified with the ContCoverCmd configuration parameter; consult the mkcover manual page for a description of this file.

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