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Handbook:Advanced Server Configuration:Caller-ID

**NOTE**  CIDName and CIDNumber have been deprecated by a new CallIDn framework.
This page needs updating. -DPN

Caller-ID is a feature provided by phone companies whereby information about a calling party is passed to the receiver prior to answering a call. This facility is not universally available and not all modems are capable of processing the provided signals. For modems that are capable of processing caller-ID information HylaFAX provides the following support.

  • Any caller-ID information received by a faxgetty process is recorded in trace logs provided the ServerTracing configuration parameter is set to enable the collection of server messages.
  • Inbound calls may be accepted or rejected according to an access control list specified by the QualifyCID configuration parameter.

Note that HylaFAX parses caller-ID information according to two configuration parameters, CIDName and CIDNumber, that specify how to identify a caller's name and phone number (if provided by the modem). For example, for a ZyXEL U1496 modem, the appropriate configuration parameters to use for caller-ID are:

CIDNumber: "CALLER NUMBER: " # pattern string for phone number info
CIDName:   "CALLER NAME: "   # pattern string for identity info

Consult hylafax-config(4F) for a full description of the caller-ID-related configuration parameters.

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