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Handbook:Advanced Server Configuration:Automatic Truncation of Whitespace

HylaFAX can be configured to automatically discard trailing whitespace in outbound facsimile. This truncation is termed page chopping and can be setup so that it is done for every page, only the last page of each document, or not all. Page chopping is performed during document preparation and is applied to all submitted documents, no matter what format they are submitted in. By default HylaFAX will only chop the last page of a document and at least 3 inches of trailing whitespace must be present before the page will be truncated. The PageChop and PageChopThreshold configuration parameters control the page chopping support. Clients can override the defaults setup on the server for each outbound job through command line options to sendfax and client-side configuration parameters.

PageChop has options of 'none', 'all' and 'last'. The default behaviour is 'last'.

PageChopThreshold is the whitespace truncation threshold in inches.

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