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Handbook:Advanced Server Configuration:Automatic Processing of Received Facsimile

It is desirable to deliver inbound facsimile directly to receipients. HylaFAX routes inbound facsimile through the faxrcvd(1M) shell script. This script may be tailored to use local knowledge and/or tools to route and deliver inbound facsimile. In particular, if facsimile are received from well-known senders and always directed to a specific person faxrcvd can be tailored to automatically dispatch these facsimile by electronic mail; consult the manual page for details. Services such as Direct Inward Dial (DID) are not supported because the hardware uses non-standard programming interfaces. In the future, when updated versions of the ITU facsimile protocols are supported in commercial fax modems HylaFAX will be able to use routing information provided in the protocol to do automatic delivery of inbound facsimile.

Another common request is to automatically print received facsimile as they arrive. This is easy to do by editing the faxrcvd script to use a program such as fax2ps or tiff2ps to convert the TIFF/F file and then submit the resulting PostScript; e.g.

$TIFFBIN/fax2ps $FILE | lp 

Note that TIFFBIN is known to be the pathname of the directory where the TIFF tools have been installed (see faxsetup and the file etc/setup.cache in the spooling area).

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