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Graph your fax queue with MRTG

You can graph your fax queue with MRTG (

Add to MRTG configuration file:

Target[faxq]: `/usr/local/mrtg-2/bin/faxcounter`
YLegend[faxq]: Faxes
ShortLegend[faxq]: Fax
MaxBytes[faxq]: 1000
Options[faxq]: gauge, noinfo, nopercent, growright
Title[faxq]: Fax Queue Size
PageTop[faxq]: <H1>Fax Queue Size</H1>

faxcounter script:

cnt=`/usr/local/bin/faxstat -s -a | grep -v "Modem tty" | wc -l` cnt=$[$cnt - 1]

echo $cnt 
echo $cnt 
echo " " 
echo "Fax queue"

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