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Graph modem utilisation with ploticus

This page is still being written.

How to graph your modem utilisation with ploticus

This install process describes how to generate a stair-step graph of you modem usage throughout the day, with the explicit goal of answering the question:

  • Do I have enough modems?

It is a bit involved. However, one you are finished you will be able to generate graphs like these, which are viewable from any web-browser (even a Manager can use it!)

File:Modem usage from syslog recv.png File:Modem usage from syslog.send.png


The basic approach is as follows:

  • Direct your hylafax log to your web-server using syslog
  • Use syslog-ng or logrotate to keep log files small (weekly works well for me)
  • Install the perl script as a CGI program on your web-server
  • View the results in a web-browser


File:modem_usage_from_syslog.recv.png File:modem_usage_from_syslog.send.png

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