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cat - > /tmp/as.$$



#TIFFBIN="/usr/bin"		   |
#MIMENCODE=/usr/bin/mimencode    |
#PS2PDF=$TIFFBIN/ps2pdf <-------- For email notifications with the file,in PDF format
#					   |attached. 

# At the beginning I thought that will be important to check if thefile exists, 
# but I realise that the file will never fail. But the line remains here, if later
# proves to be necessary.
#if [ -s /tmp/as.$$ ] ; then 

#Here is where we merge the text from AS400 with the company logo,
#stored in a file in ENCAPSULATED POSTSCRIPT format. Pay attention,
#in EPS format! This is very important to work correctly.
#Some tricks are made to work here so, if not work for you just 
#ask. Thanks goes for Giulio Orsero for is asistance.
    LANG=en_US col -b  < /tmp/as.$$ > $FILE_AS400

    echo -e "\000epsf[x0ca y0ca nx ny ]{COMPANYLOGO.eps}" > $FILE_T

    cat $FILE_AS400 >> $FILE_T

    /usr/bin/enscript -B -e  $FILE_T -p $FILE_PS

#Our users login in AS400 are in uppercase and to not duplicate
#entrys I change them to lowercase
    UNAME=`echo "$Username" | sed -ne '/'-A'/{s/^.*'-A'//g;s/@.*//g;p;q;}' | sed 'y/ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ/abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz/'`

#Fax number extracted from the text. The text should have an entry
#like Fax : 1234567, not Fax: 1234567 or similar.

    FAXNUMBER=`sed -ne '/'Fax'/{s/^.*'Fax' : *//g;s/[()]//g;s/[^0-9]\{1,\}.*^M$//g;p;q;}' < /tmp/as.$$`

if [ "$FAXNUMBER" = "" ] ; then

     echo "Mime-Version: 1.0"
     echo "Content-Type: Multipart/Mixed; Boundary=\"$MIMEBOUNDARY\""
     echo "Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit"
     echo "To: $UNAME@yourhost"
     echo "From: Fax Server<fax>"
     echo "Subject: Outgoing fax job failure"
     echo ""
     echo "--$MIMEBOUNDARY";
     echo ""
     echo "You request could not be completed!"
     echo `date`
     echo ""
     echo ""
     echo "Please, check if the fax number is missing openning the file attached."
     echo ""
     echo "--$MIMEBOUNDARY";
     echo "Content-Type: application/postscript; name=$FNAME";
     echo "Content-Description: FAX document;";
     echo "Content-Disposition: inline;";
     echo "Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit";
     echo "";
     cat $FILE_PS
     echo "";
     echo "--$MIMEBOUNDARY--";
     echo "";
   ) | 2>&1 $SENDMAIL -ffax -oi $UNAME@yourhost


	sendfax -n -D -f $UNAME@yourhost -d $FAXNUMBER $FILE_PS


rm -f /tmp/as.$$ $FILE_AS400 $FILE_T $FILE_PS

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