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Mailing Lists maintains the offical HylaFAX mailing lists. Our lists are comprised of:

Public list for all users of the HylaFAX software
Medium volume list for discussion on the further development of HylaFAX. The mail can be of a technical nature and concentrates on the source code in the public CVS.
Low volume list where announcements of new versions of HylaFAX are posted.


Comprehensive documentation for HylaFAX is available here. All documentation is in wiki format so that users can contribute their own valuable information.

Commercial HylaFAX Support

Below is a list of companies that provide commercial support for HylaFAX. If you would like to have your company added to this list, please send an email containing a short description of your services to

  • iFAX Solutions, Inc.
    iFAX Solutions is a total fax solution provider, offering hardware, software, service and support to users of HylaFAX.
  • Cameronet Corporation
  • OpenIT
  • Apsis Srl
    From 2004 Computer Mind offers commercial total fax solutions. we offer and install hardware , software with hylafax . after installation we offer service and support to users of hylafax
  • Edoceo, Inc.
    Provides HylaFax consulting and support services covering hardware and software for basic installations to large scale integrated environments.
  • Easy Access Technology Sp. z o.o.
    Since 2004 we have sold an integrated fax solution called Faxus, which is based on HylaFAX. We also provide support to Polish users of HylaFAX.
  • Dogmanet SA
    Dogmanet provides consulting and service support for HylaFax Open-Source. We provide linuxbox solution with hylafax as fax solution. Based in Belgium.
  • Qualisys Ltd
    Qualisys offers commercial total fax solutions and support with HylaFAX.
  • YetOpen S.r.l.
    We offer fax server based on HylaFax and AvantFax. Website Support is the official home of the HylaFAX project. If you have any questions or comments related to the website please email them to Questions related to HylaFAX software should be directed to one of the sources listed above.

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