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Information and advice by the HylaFAX community

Mailing Lists

The HylaFAX mailing lists are the primary forum for community discussion. Users of HylaFAX are encouraged to subscribe to the hylafax-users list where they can ask questions, provide advice, and discuss the state of all things fax. Information on subscribing to and from the mailing lists is available on the Mailing Lists page.

Mailing List Archive

A complete archive of all mailing list postings going back to 1997 is available. You may browse or search the archives.

Email addresses are included in mailing list archives, and are actively being utilized for spam.

Community Pages invites all HylaFAX users to add their own information to the Community Pages. Some recommendations include: HylaFAX hardware/software reviews, advice, or desired HylaFAX features. But please feel free to add whatever relevant information you think other HylaFAX users would be interested in.

**WARNING** Please note that this section of the site is subject to much less editorial review than the main Documentation section (for instance), and the information contained herein may occasionally need to be viewed with some skepticism. If you read anything that you believe is entirely incorrect or grossly misleading, please feel free to add a comment that says so, or change it to be more correct yourself!

  • Reviews: Contributed reviews and/or rants of anything HylaFAX
  • Advice
  • Wishlist: Things you would like to see added to HylaFAX
  • Press: Please add any articles written about HylaFAX

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