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Client Reviews

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YajHFC Earlwer 00:47, 11 June 2009 (EDT)

Pros: On my Vista PC, works perfectly.

Cons: None yet.

WHFC posted by Michael Pedersen (date unknown)

Pros: Free Software, as in you can hack the source if so desired. Decent package, flat text file phone books which can be shared, working MySQL phonebook support via ODBC. Pretty fast on slow machines and low memory usage. Overall worth using.

Cons: MUST be started BEFORE attempting to print to the faxing printer. Does an adequate job in a predominantly send environment. Interface is somewhat quirky at times, and using it view received faxes is a miserable experience. Does not support feching sent faxes from Hylafax server nor from shared / mapped drive.

HylaFSP posted by Michael Pedersen (date unknown)
NOTE: reviewed for a very short time by me

Pros: Hooks right into Windows faxing. Makes it very simple, very straightforward to manage addressbooks, send queues, and the like. Well worth investigating, especially in a heavy sending environment.

Cons: ZERO receive functionality. None, nada, zilch. My connection to the fax server, for the send tests I was doing, seemed somewhat flaky on occasion. I don't know if it was my setup of HylaFSP though, that was causing that.

Cypheus posted by Michael Pedersen (date unknown)

Pros: Very much looks and acts like WinFax?. Good in both send and receive, with caveats listed in Cons (below). Fairly straightforward interface.

Cons: You simply MUST get the beta of this program if you are wishing to work with a high volume of received faxes. After about 100, the startup time becomes abysmally slow on all machines otherwise.

HERMESfax posted by diaolin (date unknown)

Pros: works with all platform you have, you need only a browser.. It has a virtual printer for win2* and even one for Linux, it supports multiple spooling options and many features, is SQL based (Postgresql and Mysql).

Cons: the multiuser license is Commercial, the single is GPL.

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