choptest.1m choptestHylaFAX page chopping test program
cqtest.1m cqtestHylaFAX copy quality checking test program
dialrules.4f dialrulesHylaFAX dial string processing rules
dialtest.1m dialtestHylaFAX dial string processing rules test program
doneq.4f doneq/q*HylaFAX outbound job description
edit-faxcover.1 edit-faxcoveredit
faxabort.1m faxaborttell a HylaFAX server to abort a receive
faxaddmodem.1m faxaddmodemconfigure a modem for use with HylaFAX
faxadduser.1m faxadduseradd a fax user to the permissions file
faxalter.1 faxalteralter parameters of a HylaFAX job queued for transmission
faxanswer.1m faxanswertell a HylaFAX server to answer the telephone
faxconfig.1m faxconfigdynamically change HylaFAX configuration parameters
faxcover.1 faxcovergenerate a PostSCRIPT cover page for an outgoing facsimile
faxcron.1m faxcronHylaFAX routine maintenance script
faxdeluser.1m faxdeluserdelete a fax user from the permissions file
faxgetty.1m faxgettyHylaFAX front-door process
faxinfo.1m faxinfoprint information about a received facsimile
faxlock.1m faxlocktell a HylaFAX server to switch to LOCKWAIT state
faxmail.1 faxmailHylaFAX mail-to-fax gateway application
faxmodem.1m faxmodemdynamically add a modem to a HylaFAX server system
faxq.1m faxqHylaFAX queue manager process
faxqclean.1m faxqcleanHylaFAX queue cleaner process
faxquit.1m faxquittell a HylaFAX server to terminate
faxrcvd.1m faxrcvdHylaFAX notification script for received facsimile
faxrm.1 faxrmremove a HylaFAX job or document from a server
faxsend.1m faxsendHylaFAX facsimile transmit program
faxsetup.1m faxsetupsetup a machine for use with HylaFAX
faxstat.1 faxstatdisplay HylaFAX status
faxstate.1m faxstatecontrol ``modem state'' of a device used by HylaFAX
faxwatch.1m faxwatchmonitor low-level HylaFAX server actions
hfaxd.1m hfaxdHylaFAX client-server protocol server
hosts.hfaxd.4f hosts.hfaxdHylaFAX client access control list
hylafax-client.1 HylaFAX-clientintroduction to HylaFAX client applications and usage
hylafax-config.4f configHylaFAX configuration database
hylafax-info.4f inforemote device capability database
hylafax-log.4f log/*session log files
hylafax-server.4f HylaFAXintroduction to HylaFAX server operation and file formats
hylafax-shutdown.4f etc/shutdownserver shutdown control file
jobcontrol.1m jobcontrolsper-job controls for HylaFAX servers
mkcover.1m mkcoverHylaFAX continuation cover page generation command
notify.1m notifyHylaFAX user notification script
pagermap.4f pagermapSNPP pager identifier mapping file
pagesend.1m pagesendHylaFAX IXO/TAP and UCP transmit program
pagesizes.4f pagesizesHylaFAX page size definitions
pdf2fax.1m pdf2faximage Portable Document Format file for facsimile transmission by HylaFAX
pollrcvd.1m pollrcvdHylaFAX script for delivering facsimile received by polling
ps2fax.1m ps2faximage PostSCRIPT for facsimile transmission by HylaFAX
recvq.4f recvq/fax*received facsimile document format
recvstats.1m recvstatssummarize HylaFAX receive accounting information
sendfax.1 sendfaxsubmit a facsimile job for transmission
sendpage.1 sendpagesubmit a pager job for transmission
sendq.4f sendq/q*HylaFAX outbound job description
sgi2fax.1 sgi2faxconvert a Silicon Graphics image file for facsimile transmission
status.4f statusserver status database
tagtest.1m tagtestHylaFAX tag line testing program
textfmt.1 textfmtconvert text to PostSCRIPT for facsimile transmission
tiff2fax.1m tiff2faxconvert TIFF for facsimile transmission by HylaFAX
tiffcheck.1m tiffcheckcheck TIFF for HylaFAX conversion requirements
tsi.4f tsiTransmission Subscriber Identification ( TSI ) access control list
tsitest.1m tsitestHylaFAX TSI access control list checking program
typerules.4f typerulesHylaFAX file type identification and conversion rules
wedged.1m wedgedHylaFAX modem wedged script
xferfaxlog.4f xferfaxlogHylaFAX activity log
xferfaxstats.1m xferfaxstatssummarize HylaFAX transmission accounting