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This page is a collection of web software packages that are known to work with HylaFAX. If you see something missing here, please feel free to add it! For the sake of fairness, software has been listed in alphabetical order. Please respect this convention when you make additions.

Note: Fedora and some other distributions have SELinux enabled by default. This can cause problems with web based faxing. Please see the Web Based Faxing and SELinux page for more information.


  • AvantFAX: Multiuser web application (PHP5/MySQL) for viewing faxes online, downloading & emailing in PDF format, and categorizing & archiving all sent and received faxes.
  • Hermesfree: the GPL HylaFAX webclient
  • IGSuite: A webbased office suite integrated by many instruments and a good Hylafax client
  • Movifax: An advanced open source web front-end to HylaFAX.
  • Nweb2fax: nweb2fax is a PHP4 web front-end for sending fax, using HylaFAX as backend. It also show you the sending and receiving queue, so you can kill or remove jobs.


  • FaxServer Lars: A web based front end for sending and receiving faxes. Included are services such as archiving, forwarding and other processing of faxes.
  • Hermes Fax: Web-based and written entirely in Perl, is requires only a javascript enabled browser and, of course, HylaFAX.With this software you can resend sent faxes and compose a new fax from many sources. You can print from 3/1000 different application and then through his interface reassemble the pages to one fax. And many other things... It is distributed with a free client (a W2k application called HermesPOST) that works as a printer from wherever you are. You can use your fax from your desktop directly from Internet if you have the authorization.

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