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Setup Vgetty and distinctive ring

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A howto and patch for setting up voicemail using the vgetty package is available on as a bundled set of files in VoiceMail_For_HylaFAX_final?.tar.gz.

The howto contains step-by-step instructions for setting up vgetty, a detailed description of distinctive ring and caller id, hylafax configuration details, sample configuration files, and reviews on some voice modems. The tar contains patches to hylafax versions 4.1.8-4.2.0 for the detection of the DRON/DROF style of distinctive rings and for compatibility for use with an external egetty program. Setup and configuration details are also included for answering via an external egetty program as an alternative to distinctive rings. Please contact me, George Bell, at if you experience any difficulties connecting to the ftp URL.

Note: patching the source for distinctive rings is not necessary for 4.2.1. The patch for 4.2.1 (available as "hylafax-4.2.1-voice") is for egetty compatibility only. More recent versions of the patches may be available in /pub directory, as they get updated more frequently.

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