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Over the years a diverse community has grown up around HylaFAX, producing many applications that work with a HylaFAX server. If you know of other projects that are not listed here, please feel free to add them to the appropriate section.

Client Software 
Client software is available for most, if not all, major platforms.
Web Based Faxing 
Submit faxes via a web interface.
Fax Viewer Software 
Programs written to view fax images. Not specific to HylaFAX.
HylaFAX Connectors 
To help connect HylaFAX to another system. For example, SAP or Asterisk.
Third party APIs to interface with a HylaFAX server. These are in addition to HylaFAX's native APIs such as the HylaFAX client/server protocol.
Management Utilities 
Make managing your HylaFAX server just a little bit easier.

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