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HylaFAX The world's most advanced open source fax server


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  • Delphi
    • TFrogFax: Delphi Component to build Hylafax Client Applications
  • Java
  • Perl
  • Windows API
    • HylaFSP - Normally used as a Windows HylaFAX client, a HylaFSP fax device is also a Windows Fax Service Provider for HylaFAX. Developers can use the Windows Fax Service API to connect to a HylaFAX server. See for a VB Script example of controlling HylaFSP. See MSDN for documention on the Fax Service API. Available from iFAX Solutions
    • Hylafx.DLL - Very small Win32 DLL(20KB), partially realizes HylaFAX API. Gives an opportunity of sending of facsimile messages from your appendices, created by language of any level: C, FoxPro, Visual Basic, etc.

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