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Handbook:Advanced Server Configuration:Internationalization

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HylaFAX can now send emails in your native language! It presently supports:

  1. Polish
  2. French
  3. Italian
  4. Portugese
  5. Spanish
  6. German

and can be easily extended to support many others.

The translation of emails is carried out by the new bin/dictionary shell script. Remember that relative paths like this are relative to the fax spool directory, which in many cases means you will find this in /var/spool/hylafax/bin/dictionary. Check it out, ... you can see it's basically just a file where the strings HylaFAX uses when sending email are defined for each of the supported languages.

Many of the scripts in HylaFAX's bin directory are designed so that you place local customizations into a separate file (usually in etc/) that gets 'sourced' by the script as it executes. This protects local changes from being overwritten during an upgrade, and helps separate code that you maintain locally from that of the standard HylaFAX core. For the bin/faxrcvd script this local file is etc/FaxDispatch, for bin/notify it's etc/FaxNotify and for bin/pollrcvd it's etc/PollDispatch. To activate translation in faxrcvd, notify or pollrcvd, you simply add the following lines to FaxDispatch, FaxNotify, or PollDispatch:


The bin/dictionary script will look at the value of $LANG and set the various texts used in faxrcvd, notify, and pollrcvd accordingly.

As with each of the other scripts mentioned above, bin/dictionary also has a local customizations file in the etc/ directory, called etc/FaxDictionary. This is to allow administrators to further customize particular phrases to their liking. If there is a phrase in bin/dictionary that you wish to reword or for it to say something custom for your installation or company, for example:

 DICTRECEIVEAGENT="The HylaFAX Receive Agent";

Simply add a similar entry in etc/FaxDictionary such as:

 DICTRECEIVEAGENT="My Company Fax Server";

and the custom string should now appear in all emails from HylaFAX.

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