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Class 1 
Fax Protocol defined by T.31 standard. Class 1 provides a low-level interface between HylaFAX and the fax modem, where HylaFAX is responsible for issuing modem commands during fax transmission.
Class 1.0 
Extension of Class 1.0 that adds V.34 (SuperG3) high-speed fax capability.
Class 2 
Implementation of Class 2 by Rockwell. Offical spec for class 2, as defined by T.32 standard, is known as Class 2.0.
Class 2.0 
Offical spec for class 2 faxing as defined in T.32. With class 2 faxing the fax modem controls the sending or reception of the document. This is in contrast to class 1 where HylaFAX has direct control over the transmission. As class 2 faxing relies heavily upon the fax modem your performance will vary greatly based on the modem manufacturer.
Class 2.1 
Extension of Class 2.0 that adds V.34 (SuperG3) high-speed fax capability.

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