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Fedora Packages

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Here you will find the latest release(s) of HylaFAX packaged in binary RPM and source SRPM format. Older versions are available directly from Please report any bugs by filing a report on the HylaFAX Bugzilla.

Current Release(s)

(final digit indicates the RPM package version)




Current Beta or Release Candidates(s)

None presently available

iFAX Solutions, a proud sponsor of the HylaFAX project, provides these RPM packages as a service to the HylaFAX community. As a total HylaFAX solution provider, we sell hardware, software, service and enterprise-class support to customers around the globe. Whether you need help with a difficult installation or a HylaFAX-approved fax modem please visit us today at or go directly to our online store at

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