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Beta Versions

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The HylaFAX development team often asks other developers and interested HylaFAX users to test upcoming software releases. As these are beta versions of software they may contain more bugs than usual, and should probably not be used on production servers if your job depends on the performance of that server!

Reporting Bugs

The HylaFAX Bugzilla is located at Please file a bug report there if you can. If you prefer to send a message to the Mailing Lists to discuss the problem, we encourage you to subscribe to and post it there. The hylafax-users mailing list will also reach many of the right people, and is the next best thing if subscribing to -devel and filing a bug report seem like too much trouble. Bottom line - we want your bugs!!

Current release candidate (6.0.0-rc1)

The source can be downloaded from:

Please refer to our Red_Hat_Packages page for a source RPM that should build on most Red Hat, Fedora and SuSE distributions.

New features of particular note

HylaFAX 6.0 introduces several new features for HylaFAX:

  • PCL Support
  • hfaxd can sort list output (like sendq) arbitrarily for clients
  • I18n: HylaFAX client strings are now translated and available in different languages
  • IPv6 support
  • New permissions in hfaxd to allow for more admin control on who can see/modify jobs/faxes (see PublicJobQ/JobProtection/PublicRecvQ)
  • Powerful page range handling capabilities
  • Better faxq/notify integration
  • as well as many improvements to the T.30 protocol code.

The one notable change if you're upgrading from HylaFAX 4.4 or older is that the old protocol is no longer supported. This will only affect you if you've been using a client that uses the old protocol and hasn't been updated to use the normal FTP-style HylaFAX protocol.


A complete list of changes since HylaFAX 4.4 was branched off for stable maintenance is available in the HylaFAX 6.0 release notes

Current stable branches release candidates

These releases are maintenance releases, and do not contain any new features or functionality, but only contain bugfixes.

There currently are release candidates for the following stable branches:

4.4.5-rc2 [ Source ] [ Release Notes ]

4.3.8-rc2 [ Source ] [ Release Notes ]

Please refer to our Red_Hat_Packages page for a source RPM that should build on most Red Hat, Fedora and SuSE distributions.


A complete list of changes since 4.4.4/4.3.7 is as follows:

  • Fix faxq modem triggers (4.3 & 4.4)
  • hfaxd lockJob() - don't blindly O_CREAT job we're trying to lock (4.3 * & 4.4)
  • hfaxd: Don't update job's last modified time unless it's actually successful (4.3 & 4.4)
  • faxq: Be more careful in choosing jobs to batch (4.3 & 4.4)
  • hfaxd: Fix RECV_START, RECV_PAGE, RECV_DOC triggers (4.3 & 4.4)
  • faxgetty/faxsend: Correct Include config file parsing (4.3 & 4.4)
  • Bug 901: mimeencoding bug in templates handling (4.3 & 4.4)
  • Abort receive session on error writing to file (4.4)
  • POSIX constants can be set to -1 if the functionality is unavailable (4.3 & 4.4)

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