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Beta Versions

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The HylaFAX development team often asks other developers and advanced HylaFAX users to test upcoming software releases. As these are beta versions of software they will contain bugs and should not be used on production servers.

Current beta release

Notes on current beta

The changes from 4.2.5rc2 are:

  • change notify to not rely on echo -e (BUG 724) (11 Jan 2005)
  • add prototype config catch for Digicom Leonardo modems (11 Jan 2005)

Previous beta release

Notes on previous beta

The changes from 4.2.5rc1 are relatively minor cleanups:

  • make sure probemodem removes lock files (BUG 691) (9 Jan 2005)
  • portability cleanup to MemoryDecoder.c++ (BUG 224) (9 Jan 2005)

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