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Automatically print incoming faxes

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To automatically print incoming faxes to lpr, insert a line of code similar to

/usr/bin/tiff2ps -a $FILE | lpr

into your faxrcvd script, assuming that your printer is PostScript compatible.

Dieter Kluenter has added at line 112 of faxrcvd these lines for his printing:

if [ -n "$SENDTO" ]; then
	echo ""
  	echo "The facsimile was automatically dispatched to: $SENDTO."
	$TIFFBIN/fax2ps $1 | lpr -Plp	 

Michael states:

Our printing environment is specific, a shared HP LJ1100 (A4 only). To be able to print out various types of paper sizes, we use the following code for printing (0.95 * A4 size):

/usr/bin/tiff2ps -a -h 11.1082 -w 7.8543 $FILE | /usr/bin/lpr

If we use fax2ps, it would be complicated to handle the printouts of different paper sizes.

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