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[hylafax-users] Still this same problem - protocol error layer 3

I have got still this same problem and no one can help me :(. 
I`m trying to run hylafax server on Gentoo with AVM Fritz ISDN Card. The problem is that I cannot recive and send faxes. I don`t know why. I have done it used description from some websites (official too). When i try to make a call via pppd using command:

pppd call isdn/arcor

I got a call and everything is ok. 
/etc/ppp/peer/isdn/arcor includes:
user arcor
plugin userpass.so
password internet
plugin capiplugin.so
number 44
protocol hdlc

Number 44 is internal number of the other fax machine.
I have installed capi4hylafax and try to send and recive fax by this program. I do: 

touch test
c2faxsend -f G3 -vv -d 44 /root/test

I got a clean piece of paper from fax and c2faxsend told:

The config file is /var/spool/fax/etc/config.faxCAPI.

C4H-Version 01.03.01svn (32Bit).

Try to connect to fax number 44 in G3 mode on controller 1.
Dial and starting transfer of G3-File test with fine resolution.
Connection established.
        StationID = 0 71 7850922
        BaudRate  = 9600
        Flags     = HighRes, MR_compr, MMR_compr
Fax file completely transfered to CAPI.
Only 0 from 1 pages are transfered!
CapiFaxSend: Only 0 from 1 pages are transfered!
Connection was dropped with Reason 0x3314 (Disconnected during transfer (remote abort)) before Fax was completely transfered.
Connection dropped with Reason 0x3490 (Normal call clearing).

When I try to send fax from other fax machine to Gentoo I type:

c2faxrecv -vv

I try to send fax and I've got:

The config file is /var/spool/fax/etc/config.faxCAPI.

C4H-Version 01.03.01svn (32Bit).

The SpoolDirectory is /var/spool/fax.
Changed to effective user "uucp" and group "uucp" succesfully.

Device "faxCAPI" uses 2 receive thread(s) with the following config:
Controller=1 : accept all

Started in Hylafax mode and waiting on incoming calls.
SESSION BEGIN 000000010 +49.00.00000
Incoming speech call on controller 1 from 44.
Connection is droped with reason 0x3303 (Protocol error layer 3).

I haven't found anything about this kind of error :/. Don`t know what to do now :/. I haven't install hylafax jet, because on this level everything should work, but It didn`t. 
All of the premissions are ok... and I suppose everything should be ok, but something is wrong. Question is what is wrong ?
Please help me if you can of course. 
Thank You for any advice.

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